The Voice Work

get to know your voice

Lisa has been a professional actor since 1992. Her career led her to play on the stages of The Shaw Festival, Atlantic Theatre Festival, Chemainus Theatre Festival, Manitoba Theatre Centre. She has a deep respect for the process of rehearsal and performance. So much so, that it led her to learn how to guide and support students in their quest to be professional performers.

The Voice Work is inspired by many folk, including Kirsten Linklater's 'Freeing The Natural Voice' teachings, meditation and mindfulness studies, a basic understanding of skeletal, muscular and vocal anatomy, Richard Pochinko's Baby Clown training, as well as, Alisa Kort and the Breath Experience.

Lisa's training includes BFA Acting from UBC and an MFA Acting from York University; The Royal Conservatory Artist-Educator Foundations Course; The Month Long Intensive at Shakespeare&Co; National Voice Intensive; The International Voice Intensive with Richard Armstrong at The Banff Centre; Baby Clown with John Turner; 200hr YYoga Certification, Yin Yoga certification.

Welcome Fall- Welcome New Students

Fall is such a wonderful time for welcoming many new students to The Voice Work. Bringing consciousness to a function where consciousness is arguably not necessary for the quality of the functioning is an exciting challenge for me. My desire is simply to excite the students curiousity for the work. 

One of the things I will often speak about is the students responsibility for supporting and attending to their classmates while in process of The Voice Work. There is a level of caring that is developed in class. Caring for one's fellow classmates. This caring is very important for the success of every student. This is a foreign concept to most of the new students to The Voice Work.

The Walrus TV posted this video recently and it spoke to this idea of responsibility, described as "personhood". The author, Madeleine Thien, succinctly describes the experience of lack of personhood and it's effect on others. It's approximately 7 minutes.

Let me know what you think.